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After passing TESOL certification, you can realize your dream of teaching English all over the world!
Not only these countries in the figure, TESOL Certificate has been officially recognized in 150 countries / regions around the world, with more than 150000 certified students worldwide!
ESL teachers are in high demand worldwide, and almost every region requires ESL instructors. ESL teachers looking for teaching jobs abroad can find English teaching positions in some of the following countries:
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Teach English in China
China offers amazing ESL job opportunities as demand for English language teachers continues to rise across private language schools, public schools, International Baccalaureate schools and private international schools in China.
Teaching English in Taiwan, China
ESL teaching jobs in public and private schools in large cities and towns throughout Taiwan offer ESL teachers a chance to advance their teaching careers in one of Asia’s most desirable teach abroad destinations.

Teaching English in Beijing, China
As the demand for English teachers in private language schools, public schools, International Diploma schools and private international schools in China continues to rise, China has provided amazing employment opportunities for English teachers.
Teaching English in Taiwan,China
ESL teaching in public and private schools in major cities and towns in Taiwan provides ESL teachers with an opportunity to develop their teaching career in one of the most ideal overseas teaching destinations in Asia.
Teach English in Japan
Here’s a few of the best teaching jobs in Japan to make your job hunt a little easier! Keep scrolling down the page for more information about English teaching jobs and how you can become a teacher in Japan!
Teaching English in Korean
On Teach Away, you can find English teaching jobs in Korean public and private schools. Both sectors have a lot to offer ESL teachers. Use our guide to help find the English teaching job in South Korea that is the best fit for you.

Teaching English in Japan
Here are some of the best teaching jobs in Japan, which can make it easier for you to find a job! You can continue to scroll down the page to learn more about English teaching and how to become an English teacher!
Teaching English in Korea
You can find English teaching jobs in Korean public and private schools. Both departments can provide many services for ESL teachers. With your Teso certificate, you can find the most suitable English teaching job in Korea.
Teach English in Mexico
Often referred to as a traveler's paradise, Mexico offers fantastic opportunities to teach English as both a licensed teacher and an ESL instructor across the country's magnificent landscape.
Teaching English in Saudi Arabia
Teach Away offers English teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia at a number of institutions, including private international schools, ESL schools and language institutes, and universities and colleges. Teaching in Saudi Arabia can be a very lucrative opportunity for licensed teachers and ESL instructors alike.

Teaching English in Mexico
Mexico is often called the paradise of travelers. As a certified teacher and ESL teacher, Mexico provides an excellent opportunity to teach English in the magnificent scenery of the country.
Teaching English in the Arab region of the Middle East
TESOL qualifications provide English teaching work in many institutions in Saudi Arabia, including private international schools, ESL schools and language colleges, as well as universities and colleges. Teaching in Saudi Arabia is a very promising opportunity for licensed teachers and ESL teachers.

TESOL Certificate is a certificate obtained after participating in TESOL course training and successfully passing the examination. It is an internationally recognized International English teacher qualification certificate and an authoritative international certificate of professional qualification in the English teaching industry. Those who hold TESOL Certificate are equivalent to having the qualification to teach English as a second language in countries all over the world, and can be engaged in teaching English as a second language all over the world. Therefore, most domestic education and training institutions regard whether they have TESOL Certificate as an important indicator for hiring foreign teachers. Local education departments, official media and more and more parents also regard whether the foreign teachers hired by the education and training institutions hold TESOL Certificate as the main yardstick to measure the level of foreign teachers.

To obtain the authoritative TESOL Certificate, you must study TESOL courses and complete the final examination. The TESOL course is very difficult, the certificate passing rate issued by authoritative institutions is not high, and the industry standard of TESOL Certificate has no unified international norms so far. At present, there are many TESOL education and training institutions with formal qualifications in Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore and other countries. The certificates issued by these institutions have their own characteristics in style and are not subordinate to each other. However, the TESOL certificates issued by these institutions also mean that users need to distinguish the authenticity of TESOL certificates. They need to pay attention to whether the certificate issuing institutions have the qualification to issue certificates and whether the certificates issued by them are authoritative.

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| Why is TESOL certification so important?
TESOL Certificate certification
TESOL Foreign certification
TESOL Global certification
Ensure the authenticity and compliance of TESOL International English teacher qualification certificate of foreign teachers
True compliance

China now has more and more demand for English teachers. China's market is a huge blue ocean for the majority of foreign English practitioners. After obtaining TESOL certification, you can not only obtain the qualification of International English teachers, but also obtain a work visa in China. So why not obtain TESOL certification? We look forward to your joining us!

Foreign teachers obtain work visas in China
在TESOL in China学习TESOL课程可以成为在国外生活、工作和旅行的理想方式。相信我们;获得TESOL认证是获得国际教学经验并为美好未来做好准备的关键。
【TESOL中国总部报名官网】TESOL认证有多重要,由于 TESOL 课程不是普遍标准化的,因此内容和质量可能因组织而异。因此,检查提供课程的组织是否具有外部认可(如认可外部机构对 TESOL 认证)非常重要。
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