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TEFL international education has more than 250 trademarks and copyrights in more than 10 categories, including education, advertising, clothing, office supplies, etc., and more than 240 trademarks are gradually growing into a national brand in China's education service industry.

Corporate vision:
1. Leader in International English Education
2. Business philosophy: integrity + professionalism + efficiency = TEFL International Education
3. Teaching philosophy: Chinese English teachers are committed to improving the integration of English teaching and internationalization, better accepting the world's advanced English teaching methods and ideas, and realizing the dream of improving their career.

Our slogan:keep Clam and carry on.
                   保持冷静 继续前行!

Keep Clam and Carry On

TEFL Education: TESOL/TEFL certificate, a symbol of strength and a stepping stone to the international market!

TEFL international education has close cooperation with many international education institutions, international schools and universities, and has a complete set of innovative and efficient management methods such as service process, knowledge management, project management, cooperation and alliance. "People oriented" is an important talent strategy of the company. With a professional service team, strict guidelines and high professional quality, it can improve the service quality and the ability to analyze and solve problems as a whole, and greatly improve the service level and students' satisfaction with the course teaching.
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Introduction to TEFL International Education

"Beijing TEFL Education Consulting Center Co., Ltd." is mainly involved in the field of education. With the approval of the Administration for Industry and commerce, it can engage in education and training, human resources training, education consulting, investment consulting, technology development, studying abroad, translation services, etc.

TESOL's official website is subordinate to Beijing TEFL Education Consulting Center Co., Ltd., which is fully responsible for the development of TESOL Certificate related businesses in Chinese Mainland. TEFL International Education, as a professional educational institution, has always used only data to speak. We have set up training bases in more than 20 regions in China, distributed in various popular cities. From the photo album on our website, we can see that there are many collective and individual people who come to us for training. So far, the total number of graduates has reached more than 120000. TEFL education is specialized in TEFL/TESOL certificate examination and training, introduces international projects, brings foreign high-quality projects to China for development, and is fully responsible for TESOL and TEFL related businesses in Chinese Mainland.

The full name of TESOL International English teacher professional qualification certificate is "teaching English to Speakers of other languages".

TESOL is an internationally respected,widely available qualification for experienced teachers of TESOL/TEFL.

The Chinese meaning is: foreign English teaching certificate, usually called TESOL International English teacher certificate qualification certificate. TESOL Certificate is issued by the American TESOL Institute (ATI TESOL) and notarized by the notary office. It is a globally recognized, authoritative and effective qualification certificate for teaching English as a foreign language.


With the successively financing from foreign investors, the service scope has been fully improved and the areas covered have been highly expanded. TEFL’s main service targets include expatriates who want to study abroad or emigrate and want to find a stable job abroad; Kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers who are interested in improving their teaching level; College graduates who are interested in working as foreign teachers and have a certain foundation of English, etc. With TEFL and TESOL certificates, all of the above problems are solved. This is the company's confidence and strength now!


Up to now, the three companies are all foreign-funded enterprises. After years of operation, there is no doubt about their teaching strength. All of them are international teams and first-class service teams. We have set up four levels of TESOL curriculum and three levels of TESOL certificates for different ages to ensure your growth and progress. Now the company's service has been extended to all walks of life and are relatively mature. But we have never stopped in our pursuit of perfection. We are exploring new ways of training and examination of TEFL and TESOL certificates.


The trust we won from a large number of people at the start of the company gave us more confidence to continue. At that time, the training and examination of TEFL and TESOL certificates (International English Language Teaching Certificate) were relatively advanced, so many students were worried about the qualification of this certificate, and ended up getting better in their respective fields of study. As a result, the company's brand became more and more established and began to make a name for itself in various educational institutions.

1. Provide all kinds of the most professional TESOL certificates, which have been passed globally and recognized by international authorities.
2. Provide domestic and international employment recommendation services and letters of recommendation for TESOL graduates.
3. Plan for the career prospects of English teachers, and plan for the long-term development in the future.
4. Introduce foreign cultural and educational experts to work in China, and provide job referral services for foreign teachers.
5. TESOL teacher group training, teaching methods are more flexible, and professional tutors can be dispatched to teach.
6. TESOL teaching experts give free lectures, provide member services, and VIP one-on-one lectures.
7. We have established TESOL student employment practice bases with major universities and English language institutions, and arranged TESOL graduates (including foreign teachers).
At present, more than a dozen employment practice bases have been set up in New Oriental elite English, Kitty castle, EF education, etc.
8. Evaluation of foreign cultural and educational experts. Foreigners who participate in the vocational training of foreign language teachers (English) must complete the evaluation of foreign cultural and educational experts in English.
9. The overseas short-term TESOL training program provides Chinese English teachers with the opportunity to visit the world's top universities and learn the most advanced English teaching methods and skills. Training institutions are distributed all over the world, including Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. Through learning rich and colorful cultural activities, teachers deepen their understanding of the history, social culture and Western literary background of western countries, and share experience with each other to promote the educational reform of both China and foreign countries, and obtain teachers' teaching qualifications recognized all over the world.



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